Final project


Title: Pass

Group: 9

Member: Wong Ho Yin (53612859)
Tang Shing Ho (54117220)
Mak Wai Kit (54222880)
Cheung Ka Ho (54275420)


Future is full of uncertainty. We may meet different obstacles on our way. Some may escape from them, some may breakthrough them. Once you step out and look back the past, you will find that the matters you thought was difficult before is becoming nothing. It is because you had your courage to overcome them. After all, you have already become a brand new you.


The fog is climbing up slowly while the background is turning to black gradually. Those animation frames are sticked on the door as they are representing the situation is becoming worser and you are struggling whether you should take this step or not.


And the picture behind the fog is “Nothing". To be more precise, it is the original look of the view inside. It took us most of the time to think what we should put on there. Nothing is also a thing. It sounds like a philosophy words and at the same time it also fits in our idea.



We have printed out the soft copy of the jpg sequence.


We have separated the picture of the lobby view.


We have figured out and matched the front and back of the frames.


We have checked and verified the pictures repeatedly.



We want to reuse the material we made for the course Animation I. We have already drawn a lot of fog in the last semester. It is awesome when we sticked all of them on the door but the whole picture has shown us another feeling (pattern or some regulation). However, it may not represent the chaotic or confusion accurately. We should be careful to choose what we want to show to the audience.

Fourth In-class exercise

Using an object to mark the space or transform the space. We have brought a rope to become the object and it is suitable to this topic. Rope can be used to wrap things and stretch a straight line. It has a lot of usage. Then we have walked through the campus and observe everything on the way. We believed that finding some special or after its transformation it will become different. Finally, we have found this corner as an incomplete square. Therefore, we have used the rope as the last puzzle of the whole picture in order to connect the two vertex of the square.


Third In-class exercise

In this week lesson, we have learnt to combine two opposite things. The idea is easy to show. For example, the umbrella with the glass cup which has been shown during the lesson is giving an impact to the audience. It has already given me a strong impression which makes me feeling this is a suitable way to tell a tiny and accurate message.

In my exercise, I want to express about today’s Hong Kong political environment, and also the Hong Kong governor’s conflict with the citizens. This is just like the metaphor by Haruki Murakami’s egg and high wall. The egg is representing the citizens, while the wall(brick) is representing the governor that which are forcing down to the egg. Although the pressure is heavy, it will not break the faith of the egg(citizens).


Second In-class excrcise


This is the form made in class that required us to make by closed eye. And I would like to make the shape with a square as I think it is challenging to create a squared shape with a closed eye. After making the square, I make the two long things which illustrating the movement of a stretching feet. However, the whole shape does not carry much meaning as this is just the first trial for me to test and play with the given texture.


This piece is created after hearing the song. The song makes me inspired that we are in a high cliff, and from the rhythm of the song I can feel the loneliness in it. Therefore, I am creating a wolf on the hill and there are nothing surrounding it. It is lonely and it is waiting for someone / something.

One word to describe the above work: Octopus.
From the shape of the creature, we can imagine that is an octopus. However, that is just the first impression of it. When we look closer, we can see there is a brain-like object on its top. It is representing the left and right brain of mine. For human, left brain is used to control words and logics, while the right brain is used to control forms and spaces, which I will interpret it as left brain representing mathematics and technology and right brain representing the art sense. The legs of the octopus is representing the senses and talents controlled by the brain. It is telling that I am interested in various aspects and I hope to do them well by extending my “octopus legs" to a farer way.
The legs of the octopus can still keep moving even when its head is removed. Therefore, I hope the talents can also be like the legs of octopus.

First In-class excrcise

Q1. ▼ Follow-up activities (take-home: notes on blog) Turn the ‘object’ with textural features you came up with from your automatic writing into a potential object you’ll create. Write a work plan for your execution: size, volume, material, color sense, exactly where to place it, conditions of surroundings, steps of production.



It’s inspire me to make a social experiment.

Work Plan for execution:

  1. Size: A height and width that are accessible by normal adult.  Estimated height/width: 1.5m / 1m
  2. Volume: 1.5m X 1m X 1m
  3. Material: Plastic / Wood
  4. Color sense: Bright, eyes-catching, Red and yellow
  5. Exactly where to place it: Outside Mongkok MTR Exit E (Which is the busiest corner in Hong Kong)
  6. Condition of surroundings: Crowd with many people, hidden cameras set in nearby to record the reaction of passerby / audience
  7. Steps of production: Set up a film camera -> Wrap it with eye-catching appearance -> Place the camera in the crowd place in Mongkok -> State the instruction near to the machine -> Set up camera in the nearby -> Record the reaction of the passerby and audience

Q2. from the list of object that came into your mind in automatic writing: ▼ Follow-up activities (take-home: post mind-map on blog with notes of observation) Pick this strange, unfamiliar, obscure object and develop, place it at the centre of a mind map, and develop it into a world of rich details. Exercise your divergent and lateral thinking – think in multiple directions in terms of physical properties, free associations, stories springing out of the object, comparison, contrast, symbolic meanings etc. as divergently as possible.


Time machine and forecast machine installation could become a funny camera. At the time you trigger the shutter, it may show you the past image or the shutter can be released in the future time. This would give the audience a illusion that the camera can see through the past and future.

Q3. from the object you want to get rid off, or doesn’t want to loose exercise: ▼ Follow-up activities (take-home: make a photo image of this object in your possession, post it on blog with notes of potential treatment) You may be asked to bring this object to class. How would you present this object to us in ways that show your attitude (love, hate, disgust, madly attached…). Think of how your presentation of the object communicates a relation you define with the visitor/beholder.



I do not want to loose my family. I am close with my family and girlfriend as we are happy and blissful. They are the most important thing to me in this world.


Work 1: free folding


Why I would said that is me? It’s because I want to achieve higher and higher. I want to reach a higher position. Learn more and achieve more. Earning satisfied amount of money to give my family a good quality of life.


Work 2: 2D graphic and 3D formation


The paper shape makes me associating to a card game. It’s because I have played the poker game with my family few days ago. So I imagine the black paper as table for game and the white paper is cards, such that this is a poker game.


This is a ivory tower. The trash in the middle is a symbol of person who lived in the tower. Although it looks great, it may be collapsed in someday.